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What Is The Earliest Reference To Beer? One of the world’s oldest beverages, the earliest known references to beer are found in Sumerian writing. One passage, a prayer to the goddess Ninkasi, is both a devotional and a recipe for … Continue reading

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Op donderdag 26-02-2009 om 17:25 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Arthur: To: Everybody Due to the current financial crisis facing the world at the moment the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off to save on electricity … Continue reading

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At a posh art show, color was the theme: All the canvasses were white, the gallery walls were white, white wine was served. So why was the exhibition titled “Blue”? via > News > Features > Strange But True … Continue reading

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Olle ziet zichzelf al jaren als de ideale mascotte voor de Spelen. Dorpsgek Björn gaat zelfs een stap verder. Hij wil de eerste olympische streaker worden. via NUsport » Streaker droomt van Winterspelen – Voor het laatste sportnieuws!. Het bijhorende … Continue reading

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