Eerlijk proces?

Weten we ook gelijk waar het vervelende zoontje van de buurvrouw is gebleven. ‘Staatsgevaarlijk.’
Een eerlijk proces is natuurlijk zo duur…

Hacker Slips One Step Closer to US Prison | Linux Journal
Gary McKinnon, who lost his original case in 2006, was handed a second defeat this week from the British House of Lords, which functions as the UK’s highest court. He is charged with “significantly damaging national security” for his hacking, which he describes as harmless and unobtrusive — charges which could land him more than sixty years in prison. British authorities have already declined to charge, allegedly to expedite extradition, while U.S. officials — who reportedly “want to see him ‘fry'” — have threatened to charge him as a terrorist if he doesn’t plead guilty. Should that happen, he could be classed an “enemy combatant” and be held indefinitely without charge or trial.

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